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The Dadvocate - 9.7k to 100k+ subscribers in 57 days

Classic Nation - Edit 6 Shorts per week from an older video

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"Misbah is worth every dollar and more. After many projects together he still surprises me with how wickedly fast he returns finalized work, and his edits this round made me literally cry laughing on my videos. I look forward to a continuous climb of success with this creator – he is only getting better.

You have no idea how much finding Misbah means to me. 

He just keep finding new ways to prove I found the best, kindest, most hardworking and attentive to detail editor I could have found.

I wish he could have been there during the times I couldn’t even say out loud “I need to hire an editor” because I was sooo afraid of trusting someone with my work, Misbah were the exact person I needed. He is the definition of 'IN YOUR CORNER' ”

- Lauren, The Dadvocate (1.4m+ TikTok, 240k+ IG, 400k+ YouTube)